North West: Wisdom Of Old People Celebrated

The charity, LAFTA, held an event in Bamenda over the weekend on the occasion of the International Day of Older People.

The 2016 International Day of Older Persons in the North West Region was a worthwhile event to transform into opportunities the challenges of the increasing number of older persons in Cameroon. Celebrations in Bamenda also involved lectures on stress management, nutrition for older persons and election of the 2016 Miss/Mister LAFTA. The exercise featured people who are 70 and above, showcasing skills in dancing, singing, public speaking and elegance.

The initiative by “Living Alternatives for the Ageing”(LAFTA), carried messages and activities that help fight loneliness, enable better living, bestow dignity and privileges that generate a feeling of happiness and social inclusiveness, thereby, encouraging them to inter-generate and continue in nation-building. It was against this backdrop that North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, told the full house of older persons that to attain old age was a gift from God, which comes with wisdom.

He lauded LAFTA for actions that bring smiles to older persons and urged old people to continue to teach virtues of peace, hard work, love for country and development. It was a moment to draw the attention of all to the needs of the elderly. LAFTA’s partners, the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS), was also around with a commitment to turn full circle with opportunities for older persons. The presence of 100-year-old Magdalene Njangwain from Belo was the more reason to celebrate as she thrilled the crowd, reminding doubting Thomases that old age was not a burden.


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