North West: Whirlwind Ravages Homes

Jakiri (Bui) – An unprecedented whirlwind recently ravaged Kowong quarters in Jakiri, Bui Division of the North West Region. The wind that lasted for about 30 minutes carried off roofs of houses and completely demolished some. Eucalyptus and other trees including crops were equally damaged. A total of 38 houses were reportedly destroyed rendering some 50 families homeless. Students and teachers of the Jakiri Zoo-technical and Veterinary School also lost valuable documents and other personal belongings from the accompanying rains.

There were no human casualties despite the fact that some of the collapsed homes contained whole families inside at the time of the incident. Although the Jakiri administration had since constituted an evaluation committee to assess the extent of the damage caused by the disaster, the findings are yet to be made public. A majority of the displaced victims are currently patching up with friends and relations as a temporary measure.

According to Jakiri Council authorities, they are waiting for the results of the evaluation commission to be able to know what assistance to give the victims. Meanwhile a Jakiri-based NGO code-name CORA reportedly donated some life-supporting items to sustain the victims.

The short period and the extensive damage caused by the wind have compelled many a resident of Jakiri town to describe the incident as mysterious.

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