North West: Slain Cyprian Sevidzem Buried

Bui (Kumbo) – Despite the fear and anxiety that characterized the population of Kumbo and its environs following the September 4 incident where one Cyprian Sevidzem lost his life from bullet shots in Kifem in the Mbiame neighbourhood, administrative tact and intelligence apparently averted another nasty incident during his burial.

Cyprian Sevidzem was buried at the Presbyterian Church cemetery in Kumbo, Wednesday, September 13. Prior to the burial, there was no precise information as to the whereabouts of the mortal remains of Cyprian Sevidzem. Neither was the date and place of his burial to many. Many people along the Bamenda-Kumbo axis expected to see a convoy heading for Kumbo with the corpse. However, at about 9am on Wednesday September 13, an unsuspecting ambulance drove to the Presbyterian Church premises and deposited the casket bearing the body of Sevidzem. A funeral service began but before long a huge population of irate youths thronged the door of the church demanding that the casket be opened for them to ascertain that the content was that of their fallen peer. The church officials yielded to the demand and the youths filed past the corpse.

After the Church service, the youths opted to convey the corpse to the cemetery for burial. Before the burial a huge crowd of other youths trooped in from Bamenda and after the burial moved round Kumbo town including a ‘courtesy’ visit to the Nso Fon’s palace. Although there was a huge contingent of law enforcement officials in Kumbo, there was no confrontation as the forces kept a reasonable distance from the irate youths. According to a source from the family of the deceased, they had pleaded with the Bui administration to neither ensure that the forces remained in their barracks during the burial nor confront the demonstrators. Neither was there any government personality at any of the scenes.

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