North West : Security Forces Receive Morale Booster

Security forces in the North West Region have been encouraged to continue in their quest to secure the population and their property, maintain peace and order and keep separatist fighters at bay. This morale booster came on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 during the visit of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence in charge of the National  Gendarmerie, Gallax Yves Landry Etoga.

The Secretary of State’s visit came at a time when security challenges are rife in the North West Region. There are numerous stories of kidnappings, looting, burning, killings and other hideous crimes as a result of the ongoing crisis.  Attacks on the security forces in the region are on the increase. While some have lost their lives,  others are in the Military Hospital in Bamenda undergoing medical treatment. To those in the hospital, the Secretary of State handed some financial assistance and words of comfort to the entire security forces in the region. Gallax Yves Landry Etoga came with a message of hope and comfort from the President of the Republic,  Paul Biya.

Be it at the 5th  Military Region Headquarters or at the 5th  Gendarmerie Region he had closed door meetings with the top ranking officials as well as other staff members. Security was tight as the Secretary of State Gallax Yves Landry Etoga accompanied by Governor Adolph Lele Lafrique went round in an armoured combat vehicle. According to the commander of the North West Gendarmerie Legion, Colonel Nkoa Mala Valere  the security situation in the region is under control. He acknowledged the stiff resistance from the separatist fighters but said his elements are doing their best to neutralize them and ensure that normalcy returns to the region.

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