North West: NUDP Candidates Charm Voters

Aspirants for Senatorial positions appeal for votes to change dynamics by trying the UNDP this time around.

“The NUDP is not into the Senatorial campaigns to test waters but to do something concrete”. Senior NUDP party official, Dr Ndansi Elvis set the tone for the party’s campaign towards the March 25, 23018 Senatorial elections in the North West region. The event was the launching of the NUDP campaigns on March 16, 2018 in Bamenda.

In effect, Political Bureau member who doubles as the Regional Coordinator of the party, Churchill Achu Mandi presided the event during which Dr Ndansi Elvis revealed that though the party does not have councilors in the region, the NUDP aspirants are poised to convince and win votes from councilors who are brothers, sisters, wives etc. He stressed that the hunting ground is open because all the councillors are at the end of their mandates and there will be very little respect for party discipline.

Dr Ndansi Elvis urged the electorate to be on the side of history in changing dynamics by trying the NUDP which features the difference. It is all about NUDP candidates who were inspired to be courageous, hopeful and ambitious. Churchill Achu Mandi also took time off to encourage militants to campaign for their candidates and stay hopeful. He mobilized the electorate to use the ballot box to score points for the NUDP to enter the Senate and fix Cameroon.

Away from him, the NUDP list leader, Tumenta Leonard acknowledged that they are into the race without councilors but poised for victory because it will be a special exercise and their presence in the hunting bush is not for nothing. He urged councilors to standby the NUDP candidates who are ready to work to improve the living conditions of the population.

The NUDP list of Substantive candidates features Tumenta Leonard, Ngu Festus Nkwenti, Rugiatou Mohamadou, Peter Kuma Kombain, Ntoban Victor Konfor, Tanwie Joseph Tangie and Manjo Beatrice Yensa.

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