North West : Head Of State Empowers Vigilante Teams

North West Governor, Adolph Lele Lafrique on October 19, 2019 went encouraging local vigilante teams in Nkambe Central and Misaje Subdivisions in Donga Mantung Division for overstretching to achieve peace in the face of security challenges rocking the North West Region. In effect, the Governor was in Nkambe and Misaje with security gadgets from the Head of State to enhance the activities of the Vigilante teams. On- thespot, the Vigilante teams received megaphones, helmets, motorcycles, security dictators, security jackets, registers, fire aid kits, solar torches, protective coats, protective boots etc.

The Governor mobilized the population to stand by the vigilante teams and forces of law and order to keep their neighbourhoods safe. He encouraged them to foster peace and remain hopeful for normalcy to return after the Major National Dialogue that recommended a special status to preserve the specificities of the North and South West Regions and fast tract development. Awunfor Evaristus, head of the Misaje vigilante team appreciated the gesture from the Head of State and committed to ensure that the security gadgets will be used for the prescribed purpose while the Mayor of Misaje Council, Mgbata Sammy stressed the importance of peace for the socio-economic life of their land.

It emerged from the event in Misaje, that their vigilante group was born on November 8, 2017 to ensure local security in the face of the socio- political and security crisis that rock the area. It is acknowledged in the neighbourhood that the vigilante team has been turning full circle and Misaje has so far, been a safe haven for internally displaced persons from neighbourhoods haunted by the crisis.

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