North West : Fish Farmers Receive Modern Equipment

Hope has been inspired for several fish farmers and Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) in the Mbefru Island of Ngoketungia Division, thanks to an early social and economic recovery project that promotes social cohesion.  On-the-spot in the Island, the Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS-Cameroon), has delivered on a project funded by the UNDP to promote social cohesion among some 100 IDPs and vulnerable fish farmers. 

 To show for the future of beneficiaries in the Island in the face of the ongoing socio-political and security crisis, is the construction of four-cooker Ovens, 20 solid wooden Canoes that can move faster and resist waves in water, 100 life jackets, 200 fishing nets adaptable to the season and which can carry larger sizes of fish obtained and some 60 baskets for transportation to the market. The project also features 49 containers for the transportation of fish. 

Away from that, some 100 beneficiary fish farmers of the Island have received ethical training on sustainable fishing techniques. It was a day for the population of Mbefru Island when the population recently filed out to receive the materials. From the look of things, the project has started impacting on the population. The Director of SHUMAS-Cameroon, Ndzerem Stephen told Cameroon Tribune in Bamenda that the impact of the project is already apparent because the quantity of fish harvested has increased by half and the quality of fish processed has greatly improved, resulting to increased income.

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