North West : First Ever Female D.O in Ndop Commissioned

Ndop (Ngoketunga)-Forty one year- old, Enjoh Tembu Regina recently took command as the pioneer female Sub Divisional Officer for Ndop Central Sub Division. The rare and crowd puller event on 9th June 2017, celebrated ability and the empowerment of women in the nation’s development process. The illustrious daughter of Mbengwi, Momo Division was appointed to administer the Sub Division on the strength of a Presidential Decree of 22nd, May 2017.

Staring her on the face as she resumed office are challenges of traditional chieftaincy disputes; inter village conflicts, farmer – grazer conflicts, land disputes and the Anglophone crisis rocking the country. It was against this backdrop that the then, presiding SDO of Ngoketunga Division, Kuella Valery Norbert encouraged her to rise to expectation and deliver in times like this.

The SDO urged Enjoh Tembu Regina to make dialogue central in all initiatives towards peace building. She was advised to listen  to the population without being taken hostage by anybody or group of people,  discourage respect for ghost town calls and convince the population to ensure the effective resumption of schools for the 2017/2018 academic year. The Sub Division is not free from petition writing, intoxication, political intrigues and other vices that do not help matters and the new Administrator was inspired to rise above anything that retards the development and progress of the area.

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