North West: Enrolment On Day Two Of Schools Resumption

The Regional Delegation of Secondary Education featured some 4502 students in colleges on day two against some 3269 on the September 4th resumption day


In the backdrop of continuous threats and ghost towns not helping matters in the North West region,   more students were monitored in schools across the region on day two.

In effect, day two of schools resumption for the 2017/2018 academic year in the North West region featured a slight increase in the number of students that featured for the learning and teaching process on day one. Updates from the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education reveal that some 327 students were in school in Boyo Division on day two, up from 229 on day one, 114 administrative and 217 administrative staff and teaching staff on day two, against 106 and 247 monitored on day one.

An increased enrolment was also evident in Ngoketunjia Division. The Divisional Delegate, Forkum Roland told Cameroon Tribune that of a total 59 schools monitored on day two, 464 of the expected 18.775 students up from 304 were in school on Tuesday September 5 with 281 administrative and 348 teaching staff. It also emerged from Forkum Roland that 165 of 546 lessons have been effectively taught in the first two days of the 2017/2018 academic year. Elsewhere, in GBHS Down Town Bamenda Nditafon George told CT that studies are on course in all classes with 372 students, in day two, up from about 250 on resumption on September 4, 2017.

Back in the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education, statistics from schools in Momo Division monitored on day two for the showcase unimpressive records with barely 32 students in 17 schools monitored on day two for 121 teachers and 90 administrative staff. In all, the Regional delegation monitored a total of 256 schools on day two in all seven divisions and featured 4502 students of the expected 106553, 2130 teachers and 1386 administrative staff against 3269 students on day one in 310 colleges monitored with 1249 of expected 5417 hours of effective teaching and learning.


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