North West: Elite Make Their Mark

Some elite of the North West region have distinguished in the back to school crusade with didactic materials and scholarships for pupils and students.

North West elite concerned about the future of the region’s children have been vocal and active in the promotion of republican values that crusade towards a hitch- free resumption for the 20107/2018 academic year in a  region where perpetrators of schools boycott are threatening the worse. From the look of things, some of the elite have made their mark, evident in actions and activities that inspire hope for children that are thirsty for education.

Elite of Santa sub division were on song on August 18th 2017 when they offered FCFA 5 million worth of didactic materials to virtually all the pupils and students of the Nursery and Primary Schools and 34 Secondary institutions. The special gesture led by Fru Jonathan was meant to rekindle hope in children preparing towards the resumption of schools. The beneficiary children retired with exercise books, textbooks, school bags and virtually all that is required to begin an academic year. Away from Santa, Ndzo Celestine was cheered in the neighbourhood of Fungom Sub Division when on August 27, 2017 he announced scholarships for the first 100 children that will enrol for the effective resumption of schools in 2017/2018. The UNVDA rice farms in Ngoketunjia Division on August 18 and 19 2017m welcomed CPDM MPs of the North West region. They went encouraging farmers to help their children resume schools in September 2017. The MPs travelled with farm inputs to enhance the activities of rice farmers to produce and generate more family incomes to be able to handle the educational needs of their children.

The back to school crusade was equally alive in the neighbourhood of  Bamendankwe, Bamenda I Sub Division on August 25th and 26th, 2017 where the Bamendankwe Unity come together, holding under the patronage of an illustrious son, Taniform Peters and His Highness Fon Fongwa II added their voices for the enhancement of the right of children to education. Above all, parents in Balikumbat sub Division were on the streets on August 27, 2017. The parents whose children are beneficiaries of a government and World Bank project that promotes education marched for schools to turn full circle for their children to emerge with knowledge required for poverty alleviation and nation building.




Boma Christopher: “Our Vision Is For Schools Resumption”

Representative, Lay private education, Bamenda

“As proprietors, we want children to return to school. Our determination is not in doubt. Education is a good thing. We cannot cross a bridge and deny the children from crossing. Our civilization depends on the quality of education that we provide for our children. The debate about children not going to school is a useless one. Our agenda is to ensure that children continue our heritage. If we lose this we are finished. The North West Region has the best schools that draw children even from abroad so we should not lose this leading position. We are for the vision for schools resumption”


Ndikum Willibroad Tantoh:  “Administrative Staff Have Resumed Already”

Principal GHS Kedjom Keku, Bamenda

“Before the Minister came he had already dished out instructions on how we should go about schools resumption. Away from that we are quite prepared as we have already held staff meetings. Administrative staff has already resumed. We started with registration of both old and new students. On Friday 1, September, we are going to have a general staff meeting and on the 4th we will resume effectively. We have also had PTA meetings and the parents are upbeat as some have already registered their children”.


Gaspard Wélpé: « Je suis prêt »

Parent d’élève, Mokolo

« J’ai préparé la rentrée scolaire de mes enfants depuis le mois de juillet dernier. Cela avec de petites économies sur mon salaire et les tontines que je fais avec mes frères au quartier. C’est pour dire que je n’ai pas de problème pour le moment en ce qui concerne ma progéniture pour cette rentrée 2017 qui est déjà à la porte. Pour l’instant je ne pense qu’à leur encadrement, question d’avoir un bon résultat en fin d’année scolaire».


 Efeti Ngosso: “I Encourage My Friends”

Parent, Buea

“We, the parents are grateful with the gesture of Honourable Etombi by giving our children the school needs to resume classes. It is a donation of encouragement to send children to school. We are not seeing school needs in the markets so the children will use this material-donation for school next Monday. I encourage my friends who are parents too to take their kids to school next Monday”


Fridelle Ebenye Luma: “I Want School To Start Even Today”

Student, Buea

“I am very happy to get my books. I will go to school on Monday. I assure the Honourable MP that I will be the first in school next Monday. I want school to start even tomorrow. I promise to work hard with these my books. I thank the MP for showing concern for our education.”


Ekema Patrick Esunge: “I Will Personally Take My Children To School”

Mayor of Buea

“I have adequately prepared my children for school resumption come September 4. As a leading parent and a community leader who has been advocating for the need for children to return to the classrooms I shall demonstrate by example. I will personally take my own children to school and it will be a routine until the moment that the population adapts to the reality of going back to school. I think that most of the parents are resolute on such a stand and it is going to be very effective. We are optimistic and will remain optimistic about sending our children back to school. I am not afraid of any threats coming from ghost. There is nothing to fear and people should go about their daily activities normally.”


Ibrahim Abdoulaye: « Tout va bien se passer »

Parent d’élève, Mokolo

« Je sors de l’école où je viens d’inscrire mes enfants. J’ai pu faire ce qu’il fallait pour mes enfants grâce à la vente de mes produits agricoles. C’est vrai qu’il me reste encore un enfant pour la classe de 6e. Je compte l’inscrire d’ici lundi pour avoir l’esprit tranquille, car les enfants doivent vraiment aller à l’école. Pour le moment je peux dire que ça va aller».


Karana George Ihimbru: “Set For Effective Resumption”

PTA President GTHS Benakuma

“I can say that we are set for the effective resumption of the 2017/2018 school year. With the coming of the Minister I think all will go well because he has assured us. Some of the requests like the recruitment of teachers in Science and Technology got answers from the visiting Minister. I have also bought some books for my children and I am just waiting for the 4th of September”.

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