North West: Calm Returns To Kumbo

North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique comforts  victims receiving treatment in Kumbo health facility


Monday, September 4, 2017 was unusual in Kumbo, Bui Division  where a confrontation between the Forces of Law and Order and the population turned ugly, leading to  the erection of barricades on the streets, burnings, destruction of public  property and  the death of one person at press time. It all started in the neighbourhood of Mbiame, where some elements of the Bui Gendarmerie Company filed out, in search of suspected drug traffickers.  It emerged from field reports that the arrested suspects were quick to alert armed accomplices who mobilized to rescue them. Reports have it that in an attempt to have the situation under control, the Gendarme elements wounded three of the suspects, one of whom later died while five Gendarmes also suffered injuries.

In an attempt to carry the corpse towards Kumbo town the  angry population was  overpowered by the Forces of Law and Order,   but the population moved on to burn  the administrative block of   GBHS Kumbo, vandalized some blocks and the Principal’s office at  GSS Mbveh, vandalized  windows of the SDO’s office as well as those of the Divisional Delegation of Sports and Physical Education. They also vandalized a gendarmerie vehicle, mounted barricades at Squares, burnt tires on the streets and destroyed bill boards during the generalized disorder. Calm returned to the neighbourhood after North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique visited injured victims receiving treatment in Kumbo on September 4, 2017.


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