North West : Actors Prioritize Subjects For Dialogue

The reconstruction of the region damaged by the ongoing socio-political and security crisis features prominently on the agenda of stakeholders who met in Bamenda to propose possible ways of moving forward and topics of the upcoming dialogue. Local actors at a pre-dialogue consultation in Bamenda on September 21, 2019 were highly critical and constructive with suggestions. Among the lot, clergymen, common law lawyers, educationists, transporters, traders, commercial motorcycle riders, students, mayors stressed the need for structures of State that accept different views and operate without hurting. The details featured suggestions that preserve the quality and authenticity of the English sub-system of education, respect and preservation of specificities of the English culture, abandonment of harmful harmonisation policies and the building of a system that kills fears of domination, assimilation etc. Actors stressed the need for the dialogue table to open up to all subjects with the intention of giving free expression a chance. Many appealed to the Head of State to grant amnesty for those jailed and detained within the framework of the crisis and be permitted to feature as delegates during the dialogue process. North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and Bishop Micheal Bibi urged North West regional actors to confess for any wrong doings before travelling for the dialogue, participate with an open mind, showcase frankness, sincerity and avoid taking falsehoods to the event.

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