North West : 32 thousand litres of illegal fuel seized

Bamenda (Mezam)- The illicit fuel popularly called « Funge » was fast becoming a real danger to the population of Bamenda. It was found on every street corner dotted all over the city. Dealers in the fuel at times store it in the leaving room while they sleep in the bedroom, some equally store it in their kitchens. Moreover most of this dealers have no license to operate such business. The Bamenda – Mamfe-Nigeria road made things easier for dealers as fuel is been smuggled  from Nigeria on a daily basis in tons. The proliferation of « funge » in the entire region was fast becoming a health hazard.  Against this backdrop, the forces of law and order led by the regional Delegate for national security Guosmo Emile in collaboration with the Regional Delegation for water resources and energy launched  a crack down in the city of Bamenda last Friday August 25. At each stop, the police took away the fuel and destroyed their storage facilities. Most of the dealers in the business where taken aback as some could be seen running from one end to the other to escape the vigilance of the police. But then it was just too late. During the crack down some 32000 litters were confiscated  and stored In a safe place. According to the governor of the north west region Adolphe Lele L’afrique it was high time they put an end to the illegal practice.  He said most families dealing in the illicit fuel business are at risk as the storage conditions are not safe. He encouraged  dealers to use their money to embark on legal lucrative business to fend for their families. He said the administration will not relent it’s efforts until the illicit fuel disappears from the streets of Bamenda. On his part, the North west Regional Delegate for water resources and energy Ndodjeng  Bassong Antoine.  Said the confiscated fuel will be tested and if it is of good quality it will be auctioned to those who have license to deal in fuel.


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