North West: 2017 Budget Focuses On Road Network

Ring Road, Babungo-Ndop-Noni road enlisted.


This disclosure was made in the MINEPAT Conference Hall in Kumbo, Wednesday, January 11 during the last quarter Divisional Participatory Follow-up Committee Meeting for Public Investment Projects in Bui for 2016. Although participants had had the erroneous believe that the public investment budget for the Division in 2017 had been greatly sliced, the MINEPAT divisional delegate Chief Forsop Dominic Yenai Asaa said the budget had rather witnessed an increase with much programmed for road works.

According to the delegate, the sum of FCFA 4 billion has been slotted in the budget of the Public Works Ministry for continuation works on the Ndop-Kumbo stretch of the ring road. In the same vein FCFA 5.8 billion has been budgeted for the tarring of the Babungo-Oku-Nkor Noni road. This was corroborated by the delegate of Public Works, Botiba Romuald, who said his ministerial department has allocated the sum of 125mCFAFrs to rehabilitate the Takija- Ngondzen- Kuvlu- Mbinon-Lassin-Nkor road, while CFA 85 million will be used to open up the Dzeng-Kifem-Tatum axis. Like other councils in Cameroon, the six councils in Bui will each receive 27mCFAFrs for road works within the municipalities. Other projects include the continuation of rural electrification in the Noni area with an allocation of 52 million for 2017. 

 The Vice Chair of the Committee, Kighe Free Mnkuwiyayen Abel announced that Bui Division’s rate of execution stood at over 88 per cent for the physical and 85.7 per cent for financial realization at the close of 2016. He lauded the improved working climate between the technical services and went ahead to remind participants of one of the objectives of the committee. “I feel it incumbent on me to remind you that one of our objectives is to appraise the level of satisfaction of the needs of the project beneficiaries. For us to achieve this goal, project engineers are expected to control all projects as per the official jobbing orders in question,” the Vice Chair said. He urged contractors to respect the terms of their jobbing orders especially in respect to technical specifications and contractual durations.

Bui First Assistant SDO Dr Mohamadou appreciated the level of execution and urged stakeholders to improve on the situation in 2017. A video projection by the delegate of MINEPAT gave participants an overview of the projects executed in the Division in 2016 with emphasis on good and bad practices. Participants however, frowned at the phenomenon where contractors satisfactorily complete their jobs but have to wait for long to be paid.

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