Njorku Limited: Cameroon’s “Elephant Technology”

It was created in 2011 by a young Cameroonian to ease job search by unemployed youths.


A young entrepreneur, Churchill Nanje, has succeeded to make his mark in Cameroon and in Africa at large, through Njorku Limited. His craving for information on computing has put him in the lime light. “Njorku,” which means “elephant” in the language of the people of Dikume Balue in Ndian Division of the South West Region, where Nanje comes from, was created to build solution technology to find jobs and help companies to find qualified job seekers.

He also builds products and partners with other software companies. This is done by managing curriculum vitae of job seekers to meet the standards of employers, after which the CVs are saved in the data base of Njorku.com. When they find the jobs that meet the CVs, the requirements are sent. Before Njorku was created, Nanje created his first company, AFROVISION Groups, at the age of 20. This company does more of consultancy on building websites and developing software and any digital information. He has worked with the GCE Board as well as carried out some work for MTN. Churchill Nanje developed a passion for computing after his GCE Advanced Level certificate.

“I wanted something practical, so I got into computing where I discovered software programming and other fascinating things. I wanted to know how these things work,” he explains. Then, he started studying the Internet. At 17, he became a computer instructor with Trustec on the use of the Internet, among others. His financial partners are Cameroonians abroad. So far, he has trained about 30 young people whom he has mentored to work with him. He is happy to say they have 200,000 unique Africans who use their solutions every month to find jobs and other information.

Churchill Nanje intends to spread his company to other African companies and the world at large. He is a self-taught entrepreneur whose vision is still wide and wishes to expand his horizon and meet new challenges. His advice to young people is “to have a sense of responsibility to change our situation through self-efforts.”

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