NHC Rewards Excellence

Some 65 workers of the State Corporation on October 13, 2017 got decorated with 2015, 2016 and 2017 Labour Medals


State-owned National Hydrocarbons Corporation (NHC) has rewarded its staff who excelled in one way or the other from 2015, 2016 to 2017. Some 65 workers of the corporation were on Friday October 13, 2017 decorated with Labour Medals for what officials say has been their unrelenting services rendered to the outfit and by extension the State of Cameroon.

Labour and Social Security Minister, Gregoire Owona chaired the colourful ceremony at the Yaounde Conference Centre in the presence of the Executive General Manager of the National Hydrocarbons Corporation, Adolphe Moudiki, and Centre Regional Governor, Naseri Paul Bea.

In a speech during the ceremony, Mr Moudiki disclosed that thanks to the selfless services of the 65 recipients of the medals (15 gold, 24 silver and 32 bronze) alongside other staff of the 328-personnel NHC, the company has been able to stay afloat amidst falling oil prices. NHC, he said, moved from 27.5 million barrels of crude oil in 2014 to 33.69 million barrels in 2016 and an average natural gas production of 10,859.55 million cubic feet to 12,612.52 million cubic feet within the same period. “Thanks to this performance, the NHC was able to transfer a cumulative sum of FCFA 1,280.95 billion to the State treasury between 2014 to June 2017; notwithstanding an over 50 per cent drop in the price of crude oil in the international market,” the Executive General Manager of the NHC Adolphe Moudiki disclosed.

Like the Staff representative who spoke before him, Mr Moudiki noted that besides overseeing oil drilling and gas production, the NHC has also been carrying out social actions notably the promotion of excellence in schools as well as sports, particularly cycling.  

Saluting the excellence of the NHC through the foresightedness of management and determination of the staff, Labour and Social Security Minister, Gregoire Owona said the State counts so much on them. He told the happy recipients of the medals that it was a State’s recognition for the efforts and at the same time a call for redoubled efforts for better results. The Minister said their continual efforts are more than ever needed for the NHC to continually stay top within and without the country. Merrymaking crowned the heavily-attended ceremony.

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