New Youth Affairs Officials Tasked To Deliver Results

They were commissioned in Yaounde on September 27, 2016, by Minister Mounouna Foutsou.


The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, MINJEC, is getting set to implement the Special Youth Triennal Plan announced by President Paul Biya on February 10, 2016. As a result, much is expected of recently             appointed officials in the ministry. Minister Mounouna Foutsou was speaking in Yaounde on September 27, 2016, at the commissioning of the new officials. “To be appointed is an act of confidence in you. The public is looking forward to see their lives change through your input. I therefore expect you to work harder and I am ready to stand by you,” the Minister stated.

Amongst the appointed were 15 sub-directors, 15 service heads and 15 bureau heads. There was also the new Inspector of Services Number 1, Medjo Me Zengue Thierry, Assistant Inspector in charge of Programmes and Methods Number 1, Dan Faustin and the Assistant Inspector in charge of Programmes and Methods Number 3, Ndzo Augustine Kum. Others were the Head of Division for Studies and Projects, Tankeng Alphonse, the Director for General Affairs, Hara née Firida Falaina and the Director for Youth Social Insertion and Volunteering, Tokambou Nteme Yves Didier.  

Born on January 13, 1980, Tokambou Nteme Yves Didier, a Senior Youth and Animation Counsellor, was previously Sub-director for Youth Social Insertion. He was formerly Sub-director for the Promotion of Employment of Youth. Hara née Firida Falaina was born on May 30, 1976. A Stores Accounting Inspector, she was previously the Financial Controller for Mayo-Tsanaga Division in the Far North Region. Before then, she served in the same capacity to the “Mission de développement intégré des Monts Mandara” (MIDIMA) in Mayo-Tsanaga Division.


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