Ndian Division: Physical Execution Needs Improvement

The Divisional Follow-up Committee calls for a mastery of terrain by contractors.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Ndian, Chamberlin Ntou’o Ndong, has expressed mixed feelings on the level at which projects are being executed in the Division which stands at 65 per cent. While praising their achievements in the past years, the SDO frowned at some contractors who have abandoned projects in the Division such as the borehole in Toko and six PNDP desalination projects in Bakassi Peninsula. He explained that the blame cannot be put on PNDP sponsor and the Mayors but on the contractors who rush to Yaounde and Buea to win contracts that they cannot execute. This is due to their poor mastery of the area, the administrator said.

The SDO blamed such abandoned projects on the fact that they are projects awarded at the level of Yaounde and Buea to contractors who don’t have a mastery of the terrain thereby making it difficult for the Ndian administration to follow up such contractors. In some cases the abandonment of projects, the SDO revealed, is due to inaccessible roads and heavy rain fall in the area.

As a way forward to the issue of abandoned projects in the Division, the SDO believes projects should be awarded through mutual agreement. This to him will help because they did so in 2015 and all the projects awarded in 2016 by mutual agreement were executed and well done. He has therefore assured that by the end of the 2017 financial year all projects awarded to Ndian Division will be executed at 100 per cent because the Ndian administration will not let such contractors sleep until the projects are been received. He also promised severe sanctions to those recalcitrant contractors who will attempt abandoning projects.

Ndian Division was created in 1966 by a presidential decree. Now it has a population of 1,599,589 inhabitants. There are four sub divisions in water and five on land. The main activity of the population in Ndian is fishing, farming and petit trading.

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