National Security: Some 3000 Fresh Police Constables Afield

The Delegate General announced another contingent of 5000 any time soon in the Mutengene Police Training Centre


Of the 3001 recruited for training, among whom 1038 women, the National Police Training Centre (French acronym, CIAP) in Mutengene (Fako Division) of the South West Region has passed out 2867 Police Constables. Among them are 2377 titular with pass marks above 12 on 20, and 490 graduated as stagiaires to be integrated while on the job. Forty six trainee constables will repeat their training for varied reasons especially the fact that they did not measure up to a 10 on 20 pass in their exams. The first 20 of the graduated constables, by order of merit, received their epaulettes and Diplomas from the Delegate General’s hands during a magnificent ceremony organized 29 June, 2017, at the Police Training Centre in Mutengene. The Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele, who chaired the graduation ceremony, recalled for praise that these were the fruits of President Paul Biya’s instructions in 2014 to recruit some 3000 young people into the Police force as a mark of his endeavour to secure Cameroonians.

The Police Boss rejoiced that the fresh Policemen and women have been trained according to the required international standards to face the current security challenges. He explained that he was appreciating after witnessing the various sample performances displayed on the eve of their graduation in the various workshops of CIAP. Mr. Mbarga Nguele announced that some 5000 Constable trainees were awaited in the Mutengene in due time. This, he said, was in compliance with the Head of State’s instruction to beef up the Police force with 10.000 fresh elements. The Delegate General acknowledged the frontline role of a Police constable in the Police force. The Police Boss recommended loyalty and probity in all their actions, diligence and efficiency, impartiality and scrupulous respect of fundamental human rights. And that is why a code of deontology was offered to each and every laureate.

Presenting the results, the CIAP Commander, Dr. Nith Pierre, Police Commissioner (Commissaire Divisionaire) reported that eight of the 3001 trainees initially recruited had been dismissed for poor conduct ranging from drugging, stealing and prolonged absences of more than 30 days. The total intake began training by 31 May, 2016. They all went through 32 weeks of theoretical formation and 20 weeks of internships in various Police services.

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