National Football Championship : New Season Kicks off

It was an exceptional day at the Yaounde Omnisports Stadium on Friday October 18, 2019. The event was the official kick off of the 2019-2020 football season in Cameroon. Despite the rain, thousands of football fans thronged the stadium to watch the kick off.  After the match past of the teams involved in the new season, the competition proper began. 

In the Elite One championship, Bamboutos FC of Mbouda trounced Colombe Sportif of the Dja and Lobo 5-2 in a thrilling encounter that kept fans on their feet shouting and cheering the players. Bamboutos FC of Mbouda were making a comeback into the League One championship, after spending last season in League Two rather than Colombe that played in the League One championship last season. 

Bamboutos began the game well right from the start dominating the first part of the game. They had an opportunity at the first minute but squandered it. This notwithstanding, their good play style paid off with four players scoring at least a goal each. Colombe on their part put up a strong fight but were unable to stand the wrath of the Mangwa Boys. They lost most of the scoring chances they had. The goals for Bamboutos FC were scored by Rene Ndi (10th minute), Hansi Muller Mbappe (29th minute, 57th minute), Ulrich Pange Love (32nd minute) and Achille Namekong (60th minute). Colombe’s goals were scored by Hampo Dangmo (12th minute) and Christian Bayokolack (47th minute). 

In the women’s game, Canon Girls of Yaounde beat Vision Sports of Bamenda 5-2. Canon’s goals were scored by Raissa Ebolo (7th minute), Berthe Reitte (12th minute), Michelle Essaga (20th minute, 47th minute) and Jacqueline Caroline Nsi (77th minute). The goals for Vision Sport of Bamenda were scored by Akwe Clearis Ngeh (32ndminute, 42nd minute). Bamboutos of Mbouda FC and Canon Girls of Yaounde are the first teams to grab the first three points of the season. 


1ere journée, Elite One

Bamboutos-Colombe: 5-2

Canon-Avion: 3-0

UMS Loum-Eding Sport: 1-1

Coton Sport-Feutcheu FC: 1-1

Apejes-Panthere: 0-1

Fovu-Tonnerre : 2-1

Union Douala-Dragon : 1-2

YOSA-Stade Renard : 2-1

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