National Civic Service: Over 100 Conscripts, Volunteers Receive Testimonials

The award ceremony took place in Nkolmesseng, Yaounde, on August 31, 2016.


Some 100 conscripts of the third batch of the National Civic Service for Participation in Development (NCSAD) in the Centre Region received their attestations on August 31, 2016, in Yaounde. The programme, which ran from August 1-30, 2016, brought together 100 young Cameroonians (29 girls and 71 boys) aged between 17 and 21 years from the 10 divisions of the Centre Region. Similar graduation ceremonies held in the 9 other regions the same day.

The Secretary General in the Centre Regional Governor’s office, Aliou Awounfack, called on the young conscripts to be good ambassadors of NCSAPD in their communities, the nation as a whole and be models for other youths to emulate. The training was in line with government’s programme to train 1,000 conscripts and 500 volunteers in the country, with 100 conscripts and 50 volunteers in each region.

The objective of the programme is to train civic and healthy youths capable of integrating and working for national growth. In this way, the NCSAPD contributes in perpetrating the implementation of civic values and economic development in the 10 regions. The conscripts and volunteers were trained on civic education, citizenship, environmental protection, sports and physical education, development projects, culture, and life-saving skills, among others.

The training was carried out by priests, mayors, lawyers, traditional authorities and prison superintendents, who taught the young people to be models in the society. It is expected that after the programme, the youths can create civic education clubs in their schools so as to inculcate civic values in students.


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