National Assembly : Permanent Configuration Now Known

Cameroon’s National Assembly for the just started 10th legislative period has remarkable and historic  changes in terms of political party representation, ages, change of political fortunes for some parties in certain localities and gender representation.

In terms of the new political landscape, the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has not only maintained  the leading  position but has improved its score from that of the ninth legislative  period. The party has finally won 152 out of the 180 seats in the National Assembly up from 148 in the ninth legislative period. History in the CPDM victory is that  it has almost dislodged  the Social Democratic Front (SDF) from the North West Region.  The CPDM won 18 out of the 20 seats in the region up from seven in the last legislative period. The CPDM also won all the 15 seats in the South West Region taking the lone seat in Kumba that SDF used to control.  The Social Democratic Front (SDF)  for the first time since it started participating in legislative elections in 1997  has no Parliamentary Group. The party has finally just won five seats, two in Boyo Constituency of the North West Region and three in the Littoral Region. It has registered a drop by13 MPs from the 18 it had in the ninth legislative period.

New comers such as the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN), Cameroon National Salvation Front (FSNC) and the Union of Social Movements (UMS) have come in to upset the traditional status quo. The Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation won five seats, dislodging the Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC) and CPDM   from the Nyong et Kelle Constituency in the Centre Region. PCRN occupies the third position in the 10th legislative period of the National Assembly just as the SDF each of them having won five seats. The Cameroon National Salvation Front (FSNC) has three seats in the Northern part of the country, while the Union of Socialist Movements won two of the three seats in Upper Nkam constituency in the West Region. The Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU)  maintained its traditional  Noun Centre constituency in the West Region winning its four seats. The Movement for the Defence of the Republic (MDR) that had one seat in the ninth legislative period has increased its score by winning two seats.  

For the first time too in Cameroon’s National Assembly the provisional bureau is made up of female MPs. As it stands, the eldest Member of the National Assembly for the 10th legislative period is Hon. Koa Mfegue Laurentine epse Mbede. The youngest members  are Nafiassatou  Alim  and Dague Aisha Blanche Jacqueline. Coincidentally, female MPs constitute the provisional bureau just at the time the number of women in the Lower House of Parliament has risen from 56 in the ninth legislative period to 61 in the just starting 10th legislative period.

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