Music: Over 100 Artists Unite For Peace

A collection of 70 songs to chant for peace was released at “Case des arts” a cultural center in Yaounde on October 1, 2018. This comes after a press conference organized at the Cameroon Cultural Centre in Yaounde on September 20, 2018 to launch the project “We Stand For Peace”. 

The project which brings together over 100 artists is a social movement created by a diversity of artists, influencers and culture activists around the world aimed at standing for peace and dialogue through music and culture.

Speaking during the press conference, the promoter of the project Georges Williams Betoka, a Cameroonian based abroad, says the collection of 70 sounds that reunites 100 artists from Africa, Europe and America, is his own way to contribute in the peace campaign in his country.

The promoter of the project who doubles as the founder of King Stone Records, a music production company says it is time for music to spread the message of peace and unity. “I am ready and willing to use music to call for serenity. I hope that it plays the role of preaching love and harmony in Cameroon and Africa at large”, he said.

He also re-assures massive distribution of the songs by giving the CDs out for free. By so doing, he wishes to prove to the world that riches are not all about money but more of peace.

The artistic director of “We Stand For Peace”, Paul Edouard Etoundi known by his fans as Krotal says all artistic requirements have been put for the finalization of the project.

He also calls on more artists to chip in their material and social contributions to ensure maximum success of the project.

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