Moral Rectitude Of Youths : The Responsibility Of the Clergy

President Paul Biya in a message to youths on February 10, 2020 on the occasion of the 54th National Youth Day, mentioned the murder in Yaounde of a young mathematics teacher by one of his students. He said, “This incredible act speaks volumes about the excesses of our modern society.”

In order to tackle the excesses, President Biya declared, “I call on parents, the clergy and teachers to prevent, through their teachings, such acts from happening again. I also urge you to reflect on what has happened to ponder its gravity and to resolve to never again commit such acts.” The murder of Maurice Njoni Tchakounte in Lycée Nkolbisson has not only attracted condemnation from all strata of the Cameroonian society but has more importantly orchestrated preventive actions.

The Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Yaounde, Mgr Jean Mbarga is one of the clergy, President Paul Biya urged to join in building the moral rectitude of youths to prevent such atrocious acts from happening again. The Archbishop is not only a moral authority but heads the Yaounde Archdiocese that has schools from the basic education right up to the University and professional levels. In an interview with Cameroon Tribune, Mgr Jean Mbarga condemned the murder, drew the attention of all to the gravity of the act and also to the fact that if something is not done, youths would be completely below the expectations.  The Catholic Church, he said, is taking measures to enable its youths   take cognizance of the gravity of such an act and to be the first to condemn so that they never happen again. He further considered the message of the Head of State as sending them on mission and promised the firm commitment of the church to educate the youths.

The Muslim community in Cameroon, through the words of the President of the Islamic Union of Cameroon, Cheick Dr Ibrahim Moubarak Mbombo feels particularly touched by the message of President Paul Biya. In an interview with Cameroon Tribune, he outlined the plan of work the union would use to try to re-instil morals in youths. He cited a series of actors involved in the plan that include teachers, preachers, religious teachers, imams, all religious leaders and officials and women who would have to work on a practical plan of action in order to either stop or curb in a systematic manner the acts in society. Dr Ibrahim Moubarak Mbombo further disclosed that they have started calling on all Muslim associations registered in different administrative units  of the country to serve as focal points  in the effective fight against violence, instigation of youths,  drugs and above all, in reinforcing the education of young boys and girls on ethical values, human rights and freedoms and the fight against corruption.

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