Modern-day China : Taking Lead In Poverty Eradication Revolution

Most cases of poverty in The People’s Republic of China today exist only in pictures and videos showing the historical evolution of the population. Some sample cases visited across the country from 16-27 November, 2019 clearly demonstrated the possibility of lifting the remaining 16 million inhabitants of the country who are still viewed as living below the poverty line. By putting in place a socialist vision that has a vision and purpose for the people, beginning with his local area of Ningde, President Xi Jinping laid the foundation for a new era for his country. Across the country, people join the Communist Party of China (CPC) not so much because they are interested in politics, but because of the visible changes that the party leadership from the grassroots to the top is making for their communities. Erecting the poverty eradication desire into a strong political will and vision, the Vice Mayor of Ningde town, Huang Guozhang, ensures that those carrying their messages to the villages and local population are militants who can create opportunities and wealth. As such, they are sure that such leaders will enhance the determination to encourage others to make prosperity happen in China.

In order to better transmit the party doctrine to the hinterlands, the development model that is intended for the people undergoes careful planning through a participative approach to ensure that projects being realised do reflect the aspirations of the population. From his days as Vice Secretary of the CPC in his Ningde town, to the post of Vice Secretary of the party in the entire Province and Governor of Fujian, President Xi Jinping has from 1990 when he was 36 years old to 2012 written the transformational stories of his locality in golden books with concrete achievements that have reverberated across China. Measures to pull the entire country into modernity are in place in all the 34 Provinces in a village-by-village and County-County basis. Fujian, for instance, still counts about 1.2 million people in some 200 villages who should be above the poverty line by the end of 2020. To meet the targets, all local leaders of the CPC have the obligation to identify those who need assistance and provide the required political, economic, social and cultural solutions that can enable the People’s Republic of China to stamp out poverty by 2020.

The Chinese Communist model expects that every citizen in the country must enjoy quality housing, education and health care by the end of next year. Examples abound in the country whereby the population at every level of society has been taking concrete steps to implement the Socialist policies following Chinese modern vision inspired by the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping.

In order to celebrate 70 years of remarkable successes for the China of a new era, the leadership of the CPC mobilised party officials such as SHI Guohui, ZHANG Yi of the IDCPC, LI Zhiqiang and ZHANGTingting of the Chinese People’s Daily, as well as HE Hongyan, Minister-counsellor at the Africa Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing and others in the Provinces to outline to some African journalists some of the areas that have witnessed a boost in China.

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