Michael S. Hoza: “The Best Path Forward Is Peaceful Dialogue”

United States Ambassador to Cameroon


“I am very pleased to meet with His Excellency President Paul Biya today here in the Unity Palace. We discussed a wide range of subjects including domestic developments in each of our countries that have impact on our bilateral relationship. We have agreed that the best path forward is peaceful and with dialogue all voices are heard. It is also important to ensure that all voices feel respected, welcomed and listened to. Recently, we discussed the most important cooperation we have in the fight against the violent Extremism of Islamic State in West Africa and the Far North of Cameroon and our continuous cooperation and determination to stand by Cameroon as an ally in the fight.  We discussed most importantly the growing cooperation in the health sector to help fight disease for the good of the Cameroonian people.

We will probably make a number of releases on our website and in the press as we meet with the Ministries to launch programs in the health sector. Of course, we have a major effort to fight HIV/AIDS and a major program called Global Health Security Agenda.  Overall in the health sector we have seen an increase in spending from 48 million dollars in 2014 to 260 million dollars today.  So the cooperation in the health sector is growing exponentially.  Cameroon’s health professionals are very important and are doing a good job and we are very pleased to work with them.  The security assistance in the military program is equally growing exponentially.  We are working with the Cameroon security forces in the fight against Boko Haram and maritime security in the coast through training and supply of equipment. We are proud to work with professionals in the Cameroon security forces.”

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