Mezam CPDM Counts Achievements

Militants  in the  different sections of  Mezam IA, IBand IC have called on president Paul Biya to launched hisnext presidential campaigns in Bamenda


Bamenda wastaken by stormduring the celebrationmarking the 34 anniversary of the ascension to power  of the President of  Paul Biya.  On November 6, 2016 the streets of Bamenda wereflooded  with  militants clad in the CPDM regaliaheading to one end of the townwerecelebrationstook place. This year’scelebrationssaw militant countingtheir blessings and achievements  which range fromschools, hospitals, roads as well as the creation of the University of  Bamenda just to name a few.

Be itatMezam IA, IB and IC the messages weresimilar as the different section presidents,  Peter Taniform, of Mezam IA, Matoya Cletus of Mezam IB, and Nganteh Martin of Mezam IC all praisedPresident Paul Biya for the developmenthe has brought to Cameroon. They all count their blessings and achievements and promised to rally support for the president of the Republic and the National Chairman of the CPDM party president Paul Biya.

The CPDM  DivisionalCoordinator for MezamMinisterAtangaNjisaiditwas high time the people of  Mezam IB, Mezam IC to throwtheirweightbehind  president Paul Biya. He wasassuredthatduringnext Presidential election the CPDM willtake over the Bamenda III and II councils. He gave lectures on how President Paul Biya  is the onlypersonthatcanbringmeaningfuldevelopment to their different sub divisions.

He said they have chosen President Paul Biya as their candidate becausehe has the experience   and know how to governhis people in peace. Militants equallypromisedtheirunflinching support to president  Paul Biya. Be it in Mezam IA, IB and  IC they all called on president Paul Biya to launhed the next Presidential campaigns in Bamenda.

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