“Mercy Ships”: First Surgeries Performed

About 3,000 surgeries will be carried out on board the ocean-going hospital vessel throughout 10 months.

Surgeons on healthcare mission to Cameroon have performed the first surgeries aboard the Africa Mercy in Douala. They performed six surgeries, three maxillofacial and three orthopaedic surgeries on September 5, 2017. It started with women’s health (fistula) surgeries. Meanwhile, there will be free dental screening every Mondays and Thursdays at the Bonanjo Party House.

In a statement, Africa Mercy’s Media Liaison, Renée Joubarne, says: “We are excited to begin the first of approximately 3,000 surgeries that will be performed during our time here.” The health exercise kicked off after about two weeks of being in the country, during which installations of medical equipment were going on board and in the three local hospitals in Douala.

The medical care that began September 5, will reach out to over 4500 patients by June 2018, when their stay in the country will expires. On the invitation of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, the organisation will offer general and orthopaedic surgery, non cancerous deformity, plastic surgery, congenital abnormalities, obstetric fistula, cataract and dental care, among many other diseases. All care is free of charge. The mobile hospital is equipped with X-Ray, CT scan, laboratory services and Nikon digital microscope for remote diagnosis. Onboard satellite communication system transmits diagnoses and other data.

In the course of their stay in the country, the humanitarian organisation will carry out its care mission under the supervision of the First Lady, Mrs. Chantal Biya, and coordination of the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang. Authorities of the Port Authority of Douala revealed that they will carry out some basic

services during their 10 months stay such as regular patrols on land on sea, reinforce controls, potable water supplies, waste removal (medical waste, polluted oils, kitchen waste, waste water).

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