Menchum Division : CPDM Revisits Door-to-Door Strategy

The CPDM Campaign team for Menchum Division ahead of the March 22, 2020 re-run of legislative election has stated preparedness to be consistent with victory after the decision of the Constitutional Council that election should be taken all over. Back on the field with the commitment to perform even better; the campaign team is mobilising CPDM militants to conquer and show the supermacy of the party and their candidates.

At press time,  campaign team leader and some members on the field in Wum, Hon.Nji Fidelis, Hon Wallang  Richard and Anthony Divhmbong told Cameroon Tribune that; CPDM elite in the division are turning full circle to ensure victory, necessary to give meaning to living together and peace.

To him, Menchum elite were a blessing for victory registered on February 9, 2020 and they are unrelenting to do even better this time around. The campaign team is on the field with the message of peace, unity and the need to deliver on the Special Status for normalcy to return to Menchum division that has not been spared by the socio- political and security crisis rocking the North West Region. Team members have been telling the electorate about the Special Status for the North West and South West Regions as a welcome instrument to help matters towards ending the crisis and stepping up the progress and development of the North West region.

Hon. Nji Fidelis and team members are confident that the victory of CPDM candidates will reassure hope for internally displaced persons. They have been telling those who care to listen that a victory for the  CPDM  will facilitate  a return to normalcy and a return of the IDPs to the  lands of their ancestors. It will also ensure the involvement of IDPs in nation building and greater opportunities for Menchum with huge development projects lined up.

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