Media Exchange: Chinese Authorities Receive African, Asian Journalists

The reception for residents of diplomatic housing estates in the capital, Beijing, held on March 16, 2017.

Some 45 journalists (30 from 30 African nations and 15 from South Asia and South-East Asia) were the guests of honour at this year’s reception for diplomats living in Diplomatic Residence Compounds, DRC, managed by the Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions. The 45 journalists residing in the Jianguomenwai DRC are currently attending a 10-month Journalism, Cultural and Political Exchange Programme organised by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The reception in the Chinese capital, Beijing, on March 16, 2017, saw the presence of hundreds of diplomats and representatives of international organisations as well as United Nations agencies. The annual get-together is organised by the housing estate managers to enable diplomats familiarise with each other. It was also an opportunity for visiting journalists to exchange pleasantries with their country’s diplomats in Beijing and make new acquaintances.   

Welcoming guests, the Director General of the Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions, BDS, Yuan Weimin, recalled that over the years, they have made improvements in the provision of services such as language learning, health, leisure, duty-free shopping, hotels, shops, laundry, etc. He urged tenants to continue to support their efforts for the sustenance of the win-win partnership.

Earlier, BDS Manager, Zhang Yue, said through the annual reception, deep ties have been established with diplomats and representatives of international organisations. He recalled that several cultural events organised last year helped in boosting understanding amongst diplomats. Zhang Yue promised that new communication platforms will be introduced this year to enhance understanding amongst people of different cultures. It was also an occasion for BDS management to present new services to the public.

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