Mbonge: New Divisional Officer Commissioned

The administrative head of the border Sub-Division was urged to check infiltration of arms


Mr. Bikie Befolo Alain Serge, is the new Divisional Officer for Mbonge Sub-Division. He was commissioned into office on September 12, 2017 by the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlin.The SDO reminded the new Divisional Officer that as the primary authority in charge of security of persons and their property and guarantor of law and order within the Sub-Division, he should ensure that children effectively take the road to school, so as to avoid stresses of juvenile delinquency. he was also urged to pay special attention to the surveillance of frontier as a border Sub-Division, check against infiltration of arms by criminal gangs, smuggling of drugs of doubtful qualities such as cocaine and marijuana which is destroying the health of young people in the community. Ensure that all villages create vigilante groups to support the forces of law and order in the fight against criminality, wage a relentless war against mob justice and the village exploitation of forest reserve in collaboration with the technical services put at his disposal, preserve the National integration and unity. The Meme SDO called on the New DO to be a good example in public and private life because living examples have an irresistible power. The new Divisional Officer is also expected to see into the two main challenges of the area which include the absence of road infrastructure, inadequate electricity and potable water. To the population of Mbonge, the SDO strongly invite them to make good use of their new Divisional Officer, such that he becomes as an instrument of development and not an instrument in their fight for political leadership and settlement of scores.

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