Marriage Preparations: When Women Also Discuss Selves

Wedding preparations afford women the opportunity to also share personal concerns.


The success of the event depends largely on their input – though they might not provide most of the cash. Weeks and even months before the D-Day, they start meeting regularly to lay the groundwork – defining and assigning tasks. As the day draws closer, the frequency of meetings is also increased.

“What fabric texture and colour do we choose for “Ashwabi” (the uniform for the event)?” “How much will each one contribute?” “What of the headscarves, the seamstresses and tailors to do the job?” “What dishes do we prepare for this big occasion?” “Can the men afford the number of dishes needed?” “What is our contribution in terms of money and preparing the food?” “Won’t it be preferable to hire caterers?” These are some of the many questions women often ask themselves while preparing for weddings.  

Be it church, traditional or civil marriage, women usually prepare in almost the same way. However, the intended size of the event to a large extent determines the intensity of preparations. As they meet to chip in a helping hand to a relation, friend or colleague getting married, it is also ample opportunity to share personal concerns. These range include from who amongst them is getting married next, who has proposed marriage to who, the level of advancement of dating between Brother “A” and Sister “B,” to gossip over how Sister “C’s” marriage dreams were shattered after the fiancé suddenly pulled out of the relationship, etc.

Why they prepare for others’ weddings, the other detail women never forget is how they will look on the D-Day. This includes hairdo and who is better placed to do it. This is more so as the remarkable presence of single women at massively-attended weddings also boosts their chances of receiving marriage proposals from single, widowed or divorced men. Thus, the great attention ladies generally pay to their conduct, dressing and make-up at public gatherings, especially crowd-pulling weddings.

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