MANIDEM Breaks New Grounds For Upcoming Elections

The party is busy creating basic organs to increase militants and voting population.


All plans are geared towards upcoming 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon and African Movement for New Independence and Democracy, MANIDEM, is not left out. The party under its National President, Anicet Ekane, has a permanent office in Douala where party activities are planned and executed.

During a brief stay in the office, the National Secretary in charge of Communication, Edimo Kouo, told Cameroon Tribune that they are breaking new grounds. “For our party to grow not only in number, but in electors as well, we are creating basic organs in all the Divisions and Sub-Divisions of the country. If we really want our voices to be heard, we need to do so through the ballot,” he emphasized.

Away from creating basic organs, the party organises weekly bureau meetings every Tuesdays where they discuss burning issues in the country, Africa and the world. “During the last meeting, we talked extensively on the post electoral crisis in Gabon without taking sides because both candidates are fruits of neo-colonialism,” Edimo added. Given that MANIDEM

is one of the few political parties that have permanent offices, they carry out monthly training workshops where militants and non militants are lectured on the ideologies and objectives of the party. During such meetings, they unveiled the plans they have for Cameroon should they take over power, talk about the economy of the country, discus Cameroon and African history, the struggle for independence and how Cameroon became independent, among others.

Though MANIDEM is against the method of Elections Cameroon’s creation, they however spare no effort in talking their militants and non militants to register given that a single ballot can turn the tables. “We are seriously working towards upcoming elections and our target is to improve on our scores, grab as many seats as possible both in the Parliament and in councils,” Edimo poised. He however made known that a great party is not only that with many representatives but that with ideologies that are worth implementing like the UPC of 1948 and 1950, that had no representative but fought for a just course.

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