Mama Alice Ekole: “Model of Self-help”

The “iron Lady” has crossed several bridges in life to get where she is today.

“I was born to a poor family in Toko village in 1936. My father wasn’t rich enough to send me to school. Though at one time he struggled to pay my fees, but I had the passion of escaping from school to flock with friends who could not make it. I actually refused to go to school. After enjoying street life for some time, I discovered that I was the loser. I immediately left my hometown for Ngongo, a small village in Mbonge Sub-Division located along the Mundemba-Kumba road. There, I learned how to bake bread and fry “gateau to earn a living. From there, I gathered enough money to put up a wooden house for myself in my village, Toko. I got married, but my marriage did not last. My husband abandoned me for infertility. In the early 1980s, I joined politics and was very strong in the then CNU. Thereafter, I crossed to CPDM and was elected WCPDM Sub-Section President for Toko. I was also a councillor.  One day I was contacted by some strange individuals who informed me that the government intended to hire my house as Toko District Office. I joyfully accepted and my house became the first D.O’s office. In 2005, the government recognized my hard work and decorated me with a labour medal. I have been a struggling woman throughout my life. Despite my age, I am recognized in Toko as a woman of substance and distinguished hospitality. I also joined the Presbyterian missionaries in the distant past and worked hard to become an evangelist. I brought the Presbyterian Church in Toko sub-division in the early 70s. The secret of life is to avoid hatred, be at peace with everybody, learn to forgive and pray not to step on toes.”

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