Make-up Of Ad Hoc Lawyers’ Committee

Order N°131/CAB/PM of 22 December 2016 to lay down the establishment, organisation and the functioning of the Ad hoc Committee charged with reviewing and proposing solutions to the concerns raised by English-speaking Lawyers of Cameroon, relative to the functioning of the justice system:


The Prime Minister, Head of Goverment, hereby orders as follows :

Article 1 : (1) This order lays down the establishment organisation and functioning of the Ad h oc Committee, hereinafter referred to as « the Committee », charged with reviewing and proposing appropriate solutions to the concerns raised by English-speaking Lawyers of Cameroon relative to the functioning of the justice system.

(2) Under the authority of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, the Committee is a plateform for dialogue whose principal duty is spelt out in sub article (1) above.

Article 2: (1) The Committee shall be composed as follows:

Chairperson: Mr. Jean Pierre Fogui, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice.

Members :

Mr. Gwanmesia Georges (Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice) ;
Barrister Ngnie Kamga (President of the Bar Council);
Barrister Nico Halle (President of the General Assembly of the Bar Council);
Mrs. Asuagbor Lucy (Advsiser at the Supreme Court of Cameroon) ;
Barrister Eta Besong (Former President of the Bar Council);
Barrister Harmony bobga Mbuton
Barrister Mbah Eric;
Barrister Manda Rosalie;
Barrister Ntoko Eba Justice;
Barrister Ngale Monono;
Barrister Kisito Dikuba;
Barrister Ndoki Dikoume Josue;
Barrister Trumbe Sopseh épse Ngangjoh B.;
Barrister Amaazee Anthony Amah ;
Justice Fonkwe Fongang Joseph (President Court d’Appel a Maroua)

(2) The Chairperson of the Committe may invite any other person to participate in Committe proceedings in an advisory capacity, on account of this or ther skills in agenda matters.

(3) The Committee shall meet when convened by its Chairperson and the minutes of its proceedings shall be taken by the Coordinator of the Technicla Secretariat  referred in article 3 (2) below.

(4) A report shall be submitted to the Prime Minister, Head of Government after each Committee meeting.

Article 3 : (1) In the discharge of its duties, the Committee shall have a Technical Secretariat responsible for :

Drafting Committee repports and minutes ;
Preserving Committee records and documents ;
Performing any other duty assigned to it by the Committee.

(2) The technical secretariat shall be composed as follows :

Coordonator : Procureur General of the South West Court of Appeal.

Members :

Mr. Tanyi Tiku Baye, attaché at the Prime Minister’s Office ;
The Sub-Director for the Follow-up of Lawyers in the Department of Judicial Professions;
The Head of the Magistracy and Court Registry Division of ENAM;

(3) The composition of the TEchnical Secretariat shall be established by decision of the Committee Chairperson.

Article 4 : The duties of the Committee Chairperson and Members shall be honorary. However, they shall be reimbursed expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties.

Article 5 : This order shall be registered, published according to the procedure of urgency and inserted in the Official Gazette in English and French.



Yaounde, 22 December 2016 


(s) Philemon YANG

  Prime Minister, Head of Government

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