Livestock Sector: Four Refrigerated Warehouses Ready

The structures with rapid freezing capacity are set for usage after technical inspections


Some four refrigerated warehouses which were under construction in Yaounde, Ngaoundere, Kribi and Ebolowa are now fit for usage, the coordinator of the project in the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, Yiwe Roger has said. He made the announcement, Wednesday August 30, 2017, after a technical inspection of the facility in Yaounde. The warehouses were put in place as part of President Paul Biya’s triennial development plan.

According to Yiwe Roger, the storage facilities will reduce post-production loses, thereby encouraging farmers to increase production. He said the refrigerated warehouses will be used for stocking and export. “Those who want to do beef transportation will be sure of the quality of beef they will get from these warehouses,” the project coordinator assured, indicating that the facility in Yaounde can actually accommodate 10, 000 carcasses of cow.

While presenting the technical aspects of the facility, the Project Manager from Makiber, Gonzalo Lucas Zamora said the Yaounde refrigerated warehouse has a capacity of 6,000 m3. It is made up of four cold rooms and one congelation chamber as well as an ‘avant-chambre’. Gonzalo Lucas Zamora disclosed that the congelation chamber can freeze products in less than 30 minutes as its temperature can reach -40 Degree Celsius. “This facility can be used to conserve beef, chicken, pork, fish, amongst others,” he noted.

We gathered the project also includes nine frigorific trucks which will be used to transport livestock products from other towns to Yaounde. The trucks have their own cold rooms of various capacities: 38m3, 25m3 and 18m3. The refrigerated warehouses would be inaugurated by the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries on a date yet to be announced, officials said.


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