Littoral Region: 170 Road Accidents Recorded In Six Months

Measures that proved successful at curbing the scourge at school reopening will be sustained during and after the 2016 Female AFCON.


Following a number of fatal accidents in the Littoral, the Regional Delegation is determined to reinforce the implementation of recent measures by the Minister of Transport, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o.  These include routine checks and safety controls of bus companies and other road users as decided in Douala on May 8, 2016 and August 31, 2016.

“We recorded 170 accidents between January and June 2016, some resulting in deaths in Moungo Division. But there has been a considerable drop since last year. Since July 2016, there has been a steady decline, with no major incident reported due to constant road checks and sensitisation of road users,” the Littoral Delegate of Transport, Pamela Ayuketah, disclosed. Inter-urban bus companies and motor parks are regularly checked to ensure that there are well-filled manifests, drivers’ rest rooms, proper toilets for passengers, waiting rooms, and a good rotation of drivers.

Most important are measures at the regional level to improve transport security, including the use of metal detectors, identification of travellers, luggage verification, as well as speed monitoring in public transport buses using the Global Positioning System. On the other hand, picking up passengers along the way or stopping in insecure areas are strictly forbidden. Any abuses are met with severe sanctions. Other measures such as the rehabilitation of roads such as filling potholes and rugged segments have begun in Moungo Division. Security checks have also been stepped up at entry points and traffic wardens deployed at major road junctions in Douala to ensure smooth traffic flow.

The Regional Delegate noted: “We are interested in doing things that will help before, during and last after the 2016 continental female football fiesta. Essentially, this was the Minister’s message during his recent meetings with road users in Douala. With such work going on, there is congestion in Douala, but we need to suffer some inconveniences in order to be comfortable.”


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