Lions’ Victory Shakes Bamenda

The city celebrated the qualification of the Indomitable Lions for 1/2 finals of African cup of Nations in Gabon.

The victory of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon over Senegal at the quarter finals of the  2017 Africa cup of Nations  on January 28, 2017 gave inhabitants an opportunity to jump for joy in Bamenda; a city that has had little to celebrate in recent times. The team’s qualification for the semi finals of the tournament was on the lips of most soccer fans. They were quick to retire from weekend’s business corners, funerals and wedding to capture the images of the game on television screens.  Few believed in the Cameroon team crossing the 1/4 finals against Senegalese soccer stars until it happened. Shouts of joy could be heard across the city when goalkeeper Fabrice Ondoua first checked the penalty by Senegalese top striker; Mane. The shouts went deafening when Cameroon’s lead attacker Aboubakar Vincent scored the qualification goal. It was a rare moment to salute the collective force of the national team, the personal touch of the goal keeper, Fabrice Ondoua and the humility in leadership by team captain Moukandjo. Not even the 57 per cent ball possession by Senegal against 43 percent for Cameroon helped matters for the Terenga Lions.

The victory crowned a stress-free weekend in Bamenda during which business activities were alive after the January 23rd and 24th ghost towns that paralysed the city. Commercial activities were alive, taxis and commercial motorcycles went about activities freely. Financial institutions however operated at half gear without internet connections. Away from that, other major preoccupations of the city included funerals, church services and wedding.

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