Limbe : Visible Developmental Strides

The post of the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council is now in the pages of history. Having been created in 2007 by a Presidential decree and Motanga Andrew Monjimba appointed in 2009 to the office by another Presidential Decree, he served in that capacity as Government Delegate till February 25, 2020 when the position witnessed a new appellation, City Mayor. Between 2009 and 2020, the City of Limbe under the office of Government Delegate witnessed development in many fronts which will remain visible in many years to come, the population has said. Among the many developmental strides are the building of roads. 

Limbe boosts of the road from Mile One Hospital Junction through Bende Junction right up to Unity Quarters, Middle Farms Road to Mile One which has greatly decongested traffic at Half Mile Road Junction. Wasso Norbert Binde, Limbe inhabitant, said that the town is also counting tarred roads such as the Saker Junction to Mabeta Layout, the road between Limbe City Council building in Bota to Middle Farms, the road between Limbe City Council Building Bota to CDC Head Office among others. Abong Clestus, Journalist working for Eden Newspaper and a Limbe inhabitant said that he had seen the construction of several bridges and curvets linking many quarters in Limbe between 2009 and 2020 which have reduced floods in the heart of the city. He equally pointed to countless public tapes running in all quarters in Limbe plus street lights shining at night which has condensed crime wave in Limbe.

Limbe is  also credited for erecting municipal restaurants in its structures at Down Beach, Krata, Dorade at Mile One (Beside Limbe General Hospital) and The Pride at BOCOM Junction in Mile Two. The painting of houses in major streets with white colour has given Limbe a unique touch. The Limbe population can now sit and enjoy sea breeze at Down Beach on public seats put in place in that era. With the coming of City Mayor, the population looks up for the Left Bank Maritime Project to be realised. 

To keep the population joyous and relieve from stress, the City Council came up with the yearly Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 2014. It is a festival that celebrates all the cultures, indigenes and none indigenes, reside in Limbe. It has put in place annual holiday football jamborees for boys and girls with fabulous prizes being taken home. Hope is high in Limbe that complete decentralisation will usher in more projects.

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