Limbe Arts and Culture Festival: A Rallying Force

All roads in Cameroon and specifically in Fako Division, led to the Limbe Community Field beginning Saturday April 6, 2019. Reason, the seaside city of the South West Region was playing host to yet another edition; the sixth of its kind; of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC). Like it has been in past editions, participation was not only massive but enthusiastic..

The Fete started with a display of carnival made of 1,500 persons showing cultural tapestry, colours and folklores of the different people of Cameroon and Africa. The carnival was made of 14 different groups which were the Pompom, Beautiful girls, Fang Betis, Grass-landers, slaves among others. Then came cultural displays by different tribes that started Sunday, April, 07, after an ecumenical service and are expected to run to Friday, April, 12.

The stage was opened by the Bakweris with their Maele and chacha dances. It was an opportunity for them to invoke the elephants from Mount Cameroon and the whales of the sea. The people of the grassfield, dressed in what is popularly known as the Bamenda dress, came with samba, Mbangelum, benskin among others. The Otitie Group of the South and Centre Regions presented Merengue, the Grand North showcased their beautiful horses and Sahelian songs that echoed in the desert. The Nigerians,

Ghanaians among other foreign communities came up with impressive cultural ballets. Seeing the light of day in April 2014, the organiser of Limbe FESTAC, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, said that it is a means to break cultural borders and bring together cultures and tribes from all the four corners of Cameroon and other countries. The 2019 Limbe FESTAC has presented an opportunity for local artists to display traditional food, cultural dresses, arts and craft, exhibition to the population.

Well-known artists such as Mola Mogobe, Timag, Mr Leo, Maahlox, Boy Tag, Bate Nico, VAJ, Sergio Polo, Sammy Diko have been taking their turns each day since April 6, 2019, to entertain the population beginning at 7 pm.

Major Innovation

The planner of FESTAC, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, said that this year’s fete has been taken to the next le vel. That with a ticket that cost FCFA 1,000, mouth-watering prizes can be won through a raffle draw that is billed for Friday April 12, 2019 at the Limbe Community Field. There is a Yaris lounge car, six motorcycles, two plasma TV, a gas cooker, a freezer, five fans, five electrical irons, 10 mobile phones, five tablets and five blenders. Motanga Andrew said that the objective is in two folds. To increase a wider participation of their community members and also to increase their means of self-sustainability.

This year’s FESTAC commemoration is taking place within a security context characterised by threats and intimidations from separatists. But Motanga Andrew insisted that Limbe is for peace, Limbe wants peace and Limbe shall do whatever it takes for peace to reign in its town. The event shall fold on Saturday April 13, 2019 with the Limbe City Njalla Quan International Marathon from Idennau to Limbe. The event was opened by South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai on behalf of the Minister of Arts and Culture.


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