Legislative Re-run : How the North West Voted

Courageous voters in Mezam, Momo, Bui and Menchum Divisions were on duty on March 22, 2020 during the Re-runs of Legislative election expected to produce 12 more members of Parliament from the region. The Minister of Territorial Administration, elite of the region, Atanga Nji Paul and North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, featured among those who cast their votes at the EPF, Army Camp A, polling station lodged by the PWD garage polling Center. It was 10:05a:m when Minister Atanga Nji Paul  respected hygiene and sanitation obligations to stay safe from the  Coronavirus before proceeding to exercise   his civic right. Hand sanitizers were available for all who filed out for the voting in the Up Station neighbourhood. Security measures to ensure the protection of voters were visible in the neighbourhoods of polling centers at G. S Old Town, G S Up station, GBHS Banendankwe, Ecole De Champion etc. From the overall look of things, the exercise did not attract much enthusiasm with security’s threats to blame.

Away in Momo division, both SDF and CPDM Legislative candidates, Hon. Edna Enih Mbah and Injoh Prudencia voted at the Mbengwi Council hall Center which covers some 24 polling stations. The center also featured votes from Momo SDO, Fouda Etaba Nicaise and the D O of Mbengwi central sub Division, Sakwe Javis. Traveller sources report that security threats with gunshots in the neighbourhoods did not stop the voting exercise which also took voters to centers and polling stations lodged at GNS and GBHS Mbengwi.  Away from Mbengwi, the CPDM campaign team leader for Momo division, Minister Mbah Acha Rose Fomundam, defied security threats and travelled to vote in Batibo. Elsewhere    in Menchum Division, the CPDM candidate for Menchum North, Kum John Nji told Cameroon tribune in a telephone update, that turn out in the Weh area was impressive. 

Calm reigned in Wum where the Mayor, Anthony Dighambong and others voted at GPNS,Wum. To hear him, »We carried out our civic respondibility with much assurance that our choice will win ». The  SDF team member for Menchum North, Kwa Donatus also told CT that calm reigned in Zhoa where he voted at the Kumfutu market Square polling station, carried by the Zhoa council hall Center. He revealed that at about the same time, the SDF candidate for Menchum North, Hon. Ndong Larry Hills voted at C S Old Town, Bafmen A. Polling station. The CPDM, SDF, UDP, BRIC, OPDC etc featured candidates for the exercise

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