Legislative By-election : SDF Wants Cancellation Of Entire Election

The opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) has filed 12 petitions  requesting  the Constitutional Council  to cancel the March 22, 2020 legislative by-election  in 11 constituencies, 10 of them in the North West Region and one in the South West Region. The deadline for filing the post-vote petitions was March 25, 2020 and the party respected  it.

The Constitutional Council cancelled the February 9, 2020 legislative election in the same constituencies following petitions the same SDF filed tabling arguments that the election took place  in war zone thereby preventing  voters from casting their votes. The current petitions in the Constitution  Council claim that the rerun took place in polling centres instead of polling stations in violation of the law.

Each petition is signed by the SDF substantive candidate in each of the constituencies. The difference is however, in the Momo East constituency with two seats where instead of a joint petition, the two substantive candidates filed separate petitions.

As registered in the Registry of the Constitutional Council, the SDF wants the election  once more cancelled in the Mezam North, Bui South, Bui West, Menchum South, Bui Centre, Mezam Centre, Mezam South, Menchum North, Momo West and Momo East all in the North West Region. There is also Lebialem constituency in the South West Region.

Electors went to the polls on March 22, 2020 legislative election rerun to vote 13 Members of the National Assembly. As the Constitutional Council prepares to carry out the remaining electoral operations that will culminate in the official proclamation of results within a maximum of  20 days from the close of the polls, the 10th legislative  period of the National Assembly is ongoing with the first 167 MPs declared  elected from the February 9, 2020 election.

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