Legislative By-election : Parties Look Up To Constitutional Council

Political parties that competed for the remaining 13 seats in the National Assembly within the framework of legislative by-election of March 22, 2020 are now anxiously waiting for the other post-polling operations  that will end up with the Constitutional Council proclaiming the official results. 

The by-election took place in 11 constituencies. Ten of the constituencies in the North West Region included  Bui Centre, Bui South, Bui West, Menchum North, Menchum South, Mezam Centre, Mezam North and Mezam South. There were also Momo East and Momo West. In the South West Region, the by-election took place in the Lebialem constituency.

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) that took part in the election in all the 11constituencies is calm and  serene as it awaits post-voting electoral operations that will lead to the proclamation of results. The General Secretariat of the CPDM Central Committee in Yaounde was calm on March 25, 2020 with different staff and officials going about their normal activities. Contacted, one of the senior officials of the CPDM, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle who is also  the Vice Chair of the party’s Litigation Subcommittee  told Cameroon Tribune that the CPDM went in for the election in respect of the law, carried out campaigns in all the constituencies, count on voters to support the party’s candidates and expect the institutions in charge of counting the votes to do their jobs after which the results will be forwarded to the Constitutional Council to organise hearings in case there are litigations and finally proclaim the results.

The Cameroon Democratic Party (CDP) of Dr Benz Enow Bate that was expected to run for the lone seat in the Lebialem constituency in the South West Region, 24 hours to the polls decided to support the CPDM candidate.  Dr Benz Bate said the candidate they supported won following the results trends but the CDP is waiting for the proclamation of official results by the Constitutional Council. In a press release on the decision to support the CPDM candidate, he said the party was motivated by the many moves and peace overtures made by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya who is also the National President of the CPDM  towards the sustained resolution of  the socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions.  He singled out the organisation of the Major National Dialogue and the special status  for the North West and South West Regions.

The opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) whose petitions led to the cancellation of the February 9, 2020 legislative election in the 11 constituencies is still not satisfied with the rerun. One of the party’s legal advisers, Barrister Ndangoh Tah Calvin said they were again filing petitions at the Constitutional Council to protest the irregularities, one of them being the  fact that the by-election still took place in polling centres instead of all polling stations.

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