Legislative By-election : ELECAM Appreciates Discipline, Transparency

The Director General of Elections in Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), Erik Essoussè says the legislative by-election  of March 22, 2020 in 11 constituencies, 10 of them in the North West Region and one in the South West Region took place normally in different polling stations. The election ordered by the Constitutional  Council concerns 13 Members of the National Assembly.

Speaking shortly after the close of the polls, he said, «Electors voted in an orderly manner, discipline and transparency. The election campaigns that preceded the polling operations were also marked by calm and order, despite some intimidations  and threats noticed in some areas. »

On the next steps of the electoral process, Mr Essoussè said « Local  Polling Commissions would now carry out the vote counting operations and forward their report to the Divisional  Supervisory Commissions, which at the end of their work, would send their own report to the National Commission for the Final Counting of  Votes. » The Commisison  « would in turn forward the report of their proceedings to the Constitutional Council for proclamation of the final results, » he concluded.

The Director General of Elections, used the occasion to appeal to all candidates and political parties to accept the results obtained from the polls.  He also commended the spirit of responsibility and patriotism exercised by all stakeholders in the electoral process, as well as acknowledged the sense of responsibility and sacrifice demonstrated by the personnel of ELECAM in the constituencies concerned.

In all, 420,027 electors were expected to vote in 1,646 polling stations. The constituencies where the by-election took place in the North West Region included Bui Centre, Bui South, Bui West, Menchum North, Menchum South, Mezam Centre, Mezam North and Mezam South. There were also Momo East and Momo West. In the South West Region, the by-election took place in the Lebialem constituency.

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