Laquintinie Hospital: Staff Honoured

Special emphasis was in the course of 2017 put on the development of indicators in all services directly related to the care of patients.

Some health workers of the Laquintinie Hospital in Douala have been recognised by the Management Committee for medical excellence. André Mama Fouda, Minister of Public Health, handed attestations of the award during a ceremony in the esplanade of the structure December 26.

Before the “Annual Excellence Award” by the Minister, Fritz Ntone Ntone, Government Delegate to the Douala City Council, also President of the Management Committee of the hospital, offered 50 percent off the amount to secure a Building Permit to the meritorious staff desiring to construct in Douala. The award considered several aspects of services rendered in the course of 2017.

In terms of quality, it should be noted that a special emphasis was put on the development of indicators in all services directly related to the care of patients. Two in-house evaluation sessions have been conducted, creating a healthy competition between departments and services.

Louis Richard Njock, Hospital Director, said in spite of the fact that the end of 2017 has been very laborious at Laquintinie Hospital, the dynamism of the teams led to activities centered on the implementation of the 2016- 2027 health sector strategy in its strategic areas of health promotion, disease prevention and case management.

A balance sheet for 2017 shows that the structure welcomed 2,539 patients in consultations with 9,632 hospitalised in the adult medical and surgical emergencies for a total of 96,686 days.

Pediatric emergencies received 2,100 patients with 12 percent of deaths. In gynaecology, 2,581 deliveries were made for 2,715 births, including 1,871 by vaginal delivery and 710 by caesarean section. Efforts are being made to control maternal deaths, which usually occur due to late referrals.

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