“La Griffe » du Neuf” Tournament: Jeunesse Star Cité Sic Lift Trophy

1-0 is the score which rounded off the 40 days interclub matches in the economic capital organised by a NGO dubbed Fondation Privée Samuel Eto’o. The cup final played in Lycée des Palmiers at Cité des Palmiers neighbourhood in Douala opposed Antalya Sport de Palmiers to Jeunesse Star Cité sic. The first half of the match resulted to no gaol on either side and it was at the 63rd minute of play that black shirt player, Mba? Junior scored a decisive goal. The score broke the silence of some hundred spectators present. Aboubakar Njikam, General Inspector at the Governor’s office, who represented the Governor of the Littoral Region, handed over medals and the trophy to the triumphant team. Jeunesse Star Cité Sic also received an amount of FCFA 1 million cash whereas the second prize of FCFA 500,000 was handed to Antalya sport de Palmiers, the team of David Eto’o.

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