Kulabei Health Centre Gets Solar System

The project is worth about  CFA 26 million.


It was all joy and happiness in  far off  kulabei village in Batibo subdivision In the North West Region  on Wednesday 21st December 2016  as the population dance out to received a solar system worth CFA 26 million donated by MOCUDA- Berlin Germany. The Solar system energy  project offered to the Health centre will go a long way to  improve on the health care provided to the people of the  health area. As testify by the District Medical Officer of Batibo health area Dr Henry Njonteh, before now the midwives were using kerosene lamps, candles and at times touches in their mouth to deliver women at night.

Health personnel were also using kerosene stove to sterilize medical equipment. More to that he went on they did not have refrigerators to store vaccines. With all these, he went on the vaccination rate in the health area was often very low, delivery rate at the health centre was just 13%. He sounded off that with the solar system they will be able to store vaccines in the health centre and the energy that will be supplied from the solar system will go a long way to provided electricity to the health centre round the clock.  For the Mayor of Batibo Tanjong Frederick, the solar system has come at a time when the population of his municipality were striving to get better health care.

He thanked the donors and called on the medical personal to put the equipment into good use. It is on record that the solar system was donated by the Moghamo Development Association-  MOCUDA-Berlin Germany. Worth mentioning is that before the handing over of the project to the Health centre, about 20 locals have been trained on how to operate, managed and maintain the system. According to the project manager  Dr Emelienne Tingwe the 20 people that have been trained will intern transfer the knowledge to others. All these, she said will go a long way to ensure continuity. She said if well managed, the solar system can last for about 20years. 

On his part Dr Sabi Titus representative of MOCUDA Berlin Germany was quick to add that their main goal was to improve on health care in the area.  He cautioned that the solar system is not just for the Kulabei health centre only as nearby health centre in need can as well use it especially to store vaccines. He urged authorities concerned to put  it into good use.

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