Judo Championship: Jujitsu Tops Charts

Over 100 athletes took part in the national individual championship in Yaounde recently.


The 2017 edition of the national individual judo championship took place recently. Organised by the Cameroon Judo Federation, the competition brought together over 100 athletes from 20 clubs across the country.

The athletes competed in the senior, junior and minor categories. The national individual championship is a yearly competition which is in line with the activities of the Cameroon Judo Federation. The innovation this year is the joining of the minor category with the senior category. At the end of the competition, Jujitsu judo club finished first with five gold medals, three athletes in the second place, five in the third place, five in the fifth place and one in the seventh place. Panthers judo club was second with four gold, three second place, two third place, two fifth and one in the seventh place. Lion Academy Sport has two gold; zero second place, one third, one fifth and one seventh palace.  

The Secretary General of the Cameroon Judo Federation, Kamsu Kom Tekam said the objective of the competition is to prepare judokas for the future. “That is why we are starting with 10 year-old children so that there will not be a problem of replacement in the national team,” he said. Apart from that the competition will enable the athletes to prepare for an international tournament called Yaounde African Open which will take place in Yaounde in November 2017. The four best athletes in each category in the competition will qualify for the Yaounde African Open. It will also give an opportunity for national coaches who are preparing the different national teams in their categories to judge the level of their athletes and make necessary corrections.

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