Journalists, Engineers Also

The second legislative period of the Senate also has members from liberal professions.

Cameroonians are expecting the input of Senators who have before either their elections or appointments been practising liberal professions and others. These are people whose professional backgrounds have been communication, engineering and application of law either as lawyers or bailiffs.

The second legislative period of the Senate therefore has communicators of timber and calibre who after being trained in journalism institutions, practised the profession before engaging in other activities. Among these people are Samuel Obam Assam, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) Senator from the South Region who will be serving the second term in the Senate.

He obtained a certificate in journalism in 1980. He was once a board member of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM). On the list of the 30 appointed Senators is one journalist. Mbida Mvondo Albert from the Centre Region is an icon in the field of journalism and who has also trained thousands of journalists as lecturer in the Yaounde Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC).

Koungou Edima Eliane is also another journalist from the Centre Region. There are also engineers who have come to enrich the Senate. One of them the CPDM Senator from the South West Region, Mbella Moki Charles. The prominent politician who will be serving the second term in the Senate is an electrical engineer who has worked with AES-SONEL and PAMOL. Senator Claude Kemayou is also engineer from the Littoral Region.

Senator Pierre Henri Ngalli Ngoa from the South Region is an engineer trained in CNDM in Paris, France. The Social Democratic Front (SDF) Senator from the North West Region, Barrister Kinyang Nyang George will invigorate the House and contribute in debates with the expertise of a legal mind. Pierre François-Xavier Menye Ondo a bailiff is a CPDM Senator from the South Region.

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