Joseph Chebonkeng: The Pathfinder

Under his leadership, the Nwa Elite Association remains the pivot of hope for Nwa subdivision


Joseph Chebonkeng Kalabuse is a household name in Nwa subdivision. He is largely described as a committed team leader, a development warrior and an agent of emergence in the area. His love for ancestral Nwa Sub Division is manifested through his heroic leadership as the President of the Nwa Elite Association. It is on record that Joseph Chebonkeng spearheaded the initiative that led to the pavement of Rom Rock, a natural feature which serves as touristic site, and also conversely hinders development. Operating under the Nwa Cultural and Development Association, (MACDA), Chebonkeng has instilled the spirit of community labour in Nwa, and systematically mobilized his peers to raise funds in order to ensure regular access into the subdivision, under rain or sun.

 That apart, the Nwa Elite Association remains the pivot of education in the locality. It is said Chebonkeng champions crusades to institute scholarships for needy and distinguished pupils and students of Nwa. The senior journalist working with the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV) in Yaounde has also invented a new generation of selfless elite who are poised to leave Nwa better than they met it.


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